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My Nerdy Boyfriend (Chapter 3)

Title: My Nerdy Boyfriend
Pairing: Kyumin (mainly), Yewook, Eunhae, Hanchul, KangTeuk

Rating: PG-13 (But will be rated in later chapters:)
Summary:“Good morning my princess~” Kyuhyun called out to me with a big grin on his face. I just rolled my eyes “I’m not your princess Cho!” Same thing everyday!

I'm listing to: Fantastic Baby by BigBang

[My Nerdy Boyfriend (Chapter 3)]

“Yah! Were you joking this whole time?” I yelled back at him. You better not say yes Cho.

“Of course I was serious about that.” He told me. “But I won’t give up that easily.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m going to win your heart Sungmin.” He said with a glint in his eyes. I don’t feel good about this. I blushed even more and gasped when he leaned down with his face so close to mine. “Trust me.”


“Oh my god hyung!” squealed Ryeowook while bouncing up and down on my bed.

Rolling my eyes but blushing deeply I told him to shut up. He’s so embarrassing!

“Even you have to admit that was just adorable!” he insisted while giving me a pointed look while I shook my head in denial. Sigh, I knew I should not have told him!

I ended up telling him about me and Kyuhyun’s dat- I mean us eating together for lunch earlier today. After he made his um, confession (I blushed at the thought again), I thought that he was going to kiss me. But the kid just stared at me for a little while then the bell rang so we had to get back to class. We cleaned up the mess in silence but before he left he trapped me against the tree and called out softly “Bye Minnie~”

Aish this nerd! But what bothered me the most is about how he said that he was going to win my heart. I don’t even want to think about what he will do!

“Wookie!” I yelled out suddenly. He looked up at me, a little startled by my outburst.

“What?” he asked curiously

I looked slightly away from him and began to trail off “… what do you think he’ll do?” I mumbled.

He thought about it for a while then replied brightly “Ooh, maybe he’ll introduce himself to Teukie- Umma and-“ But I cut him off with my yelp.

“No way!” I will not let Kyuhyun go anywhere near Appa or any of my hyungs!

“Well that’s the only thing I can think of!”

“No. Just no.” I repeated with urgency. He just sighed.

“Sungmin-ah, I know that you’re the youngest but they treat you like a baby! It’s not my fault that your hyungs has a brother complex!” Ryeowook told me for about the hundredth time.

Okay, you see. Sigh. How am I going to even start this?

Well here we go.

Like I said before. Kangin is appa while his boyfriend, Leeteuk substituted for my real umma. Appa had four kids with our real umma. Heechul, Yunho, Eunhyuk, and then me. Since I am the youngest I was always spoiled from everyone. But that came with a price.


A seven-year-old boy who wore a pink outfit with bunnies on it looked curiously at the pink heart he received from one of the boys in his class.

The bunny boy, Sungmin, looked at the heart and asked, “What’s this?” while holding up in front of his voice.

The older boy just rubbed the back of his head with a tint of pink that dusted his cheeks. He stuttered a little “I-it’s f-for um, Valentines Day.” He replied while looking at me.

Sungmin was about to answer until a familiar voice interrupted his thoughts.

“And what is this?” a feminine looking boy asked the boy while standing in front of Sungmin. Even though he looked girly, he had an imitating aura around.  He looked the at the nervous looking boy up and down while clicking his tongue and said “No.”

The nervous boy looked shocked and hesitantly asked, “Um, excuses me?”

Heechul stepped closer to the ten year old and repeated in a low voice “No.”

Sungmin doesn’t remember what happened next but all he remembered is the boy talking back to Heechul and a fist flying through the air. He never spoke to that said boy again.

When the teacher gave Heechul detention and had to call appa, he didn’t even get in trouble. When appa came to pick us up from school he gave Heechul a proud look and took us out to ice cream.

In the car Sungmin asked his hyung about why he hit the boy.

“Hyung?” the bunny asked with big eyes.

“Yes Minnie~” he cooed at his little brother.

“Why you hit that boy?” he asked curiously. Heechuls smile turned into a smirk. He placed his cupped the boys cheeks and said

“Because Sungminnie belongs to appa and hyungs right?” he asked the bunny slowly. The little boy quickly nodded his head.

“Of course!”

“The boy was trying to take you away from us.” Heechul told Sungmin. “He was trying to take you away, just like how umma went away.” He stated seriously.

Being to young to understand what Heechul meant and seeing the sad look in his eyes. Sungmin just agreed and kissed his hyung on the cheek. “Okay hyung.”

Seven years later Sungmin kept on running into the same problem. Whenever a potential boyfriend came around, they were all chased away by his hyungs and appa.

It got way worse then the Valentine incident.

I inwardly groaned remembering all those times. Sometimes my hyungs and even appa is just too much. I love them and all but just…. Ugh.

I hope Kyuhyun will never have to meet them.  I am actually surprised that he didn’t run into any of my hyungs yet. Cause you know.

Kyuhyun freaking stalks me! I swear he is always out the house waiting for me. ALWAYS! That weirdo. He’s probably going to walk me to school tomorrow.

“Hyung!” yells out Wookie

“Yes?” I call back out tiredly while taking a sip of my bubble tea Mmm… bubble tea…

“Do you think that will try and serenade you?” he asks me with a glint in his eyes. I ended up choking a little on my bubble tea from that. I heard Wookie chuckle while I try and give him a glare but actually turns into a pout.

“I will die of embarrassment!” I exclaimed after coughing a few times. “Nobody does stuff like that anymore.”
“Oh but hyung,” Ryeowook says, “But that is just so cute!” he squeals again. “What if he buys you flowers? Ooh what if he sings for you!” he said getting excited while I’m too busy blushing even imaging him doing stuff like that.

“Aish! Go home to your boyfriend already!” I tried shooing him out if my room while trying to keep my blush tamable.

Ryeowook just giggled and bid me goodbye before running out of my room.

I lay back on my bed thinking about the day. I was totally lying about the not my type thing. I honestly don’t have a type nor do I care. But it’s just… I never thought that he was serious. In my mind, it was all tricks and laughs because that’s how he is. This is the last thing on my mind before I fall asleep that night.

Getting up early in the morning I get ready and brush my teeth. I grab my school bag and folder and prepare for the day. After telling everyone bye I rush to get outside. When I opened the door, I wasn’t prepared to be seeing this at all.

Outside was a tall boy with styled and brushed brown hair that was swayed a little to the side. He had no glasses on and wore a fitting outfit. He had a bag in one hand and … oh my bunnies.

Is that flowers?

I slowly look into the handsome teens face and came face to face with dark brown eyes that gazed upon me deeply and a soft smile.

“Good morning my princess.” Kyuhyun said in a melodic soft voice that had me blushing.

Here is chapter 3! Hope you guys like it ^.^

My Nerdy Boyfriend (Chapter 2)

Title: My Nerdy Boyfriend
Pairing: Kyumin (mainly), Yewook, Eunhae, Hanchul, KangTeuk

Rating: PG-13 (But will be rated in later chapters:)
Summary:“Good morning my princess~” Kyuhyun called out to me with a big grin on his face. I just rolled my eyes “I’m not your princess Cho!” Same thing everyday!

I'm listening to: Sexy, Free & Single by Super Junior

[My Nerdy Boyfriend (Chapter 2)]

We both turned back to listen to the lesson. But then I felt guilty. Am I leading him on? I don’t know about how I feel towards him but I couldn’t just say no to him after seeing that look on his face. I frowned a little. Does he actually have feelings towards me?


(Still in class)

Listening to the teacher, I was just ready to kill myself. Why do we have to learn this stuff anyways? When am I ever going to use this stuff in real life?

Just calm down Minnie, be calm. Folding my arms on the desk I decided to rest my head on them. I turned to glance at the clock then widened my eyes in disbelief. We still have an hour left? Oh come on!

“Okay, so finish this packet by the ending of this week. Work with partners if you want to.” The teacher said while handing out the thick math packets. We just finished the exams yesterday but we still have to do this? I started to look through the packet and I decided.

I AM GOING TO FLUNK MATH. Then Heechul will be mad because he was great in math and umma, appa, and my other hyungs will be disappointment. There’s still one solution though. I heard a voice speak in my head. Kyuhyun would gladly help you. Would he? I turned my head slightly so I could glance at him but I was surprised to already see him half way through the first page.

My heart started to beat a little faster for some unknown reason. Its just Kyuhyun. Why am I reacting like this?

“Um, Kyuhyun?” I asked a little hesitant. He looked up at me then smiled. I think that he’s still in a good mood since I agreed to eat lunch with him.

“Yeah?” he asked with a raised eyebrow which made my heart beat even faster. Aish calm down Minnie!

“You know that I’m not really good in math, so…” I trailed off, hoping that he would understand what I was trying to say. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the excitement in his eyes.

“Sure!” he said a little too quickly while blushing a little looking down because he said that a little too loud. Why are we like this all of a sudden? I can tell that he’s kind of nervous around me too. It’s not like were going on a date. It’s just two friends eating lunch with each other.

Yeah except that one of the friends are in love with the other while the other friend is starting to develop feelings for him.

‘Shut up’ I said back talking to myself.

Even if he was almost done with the first page and he might have been able to finish the entire packet, he took the time to help me first. Sure, he was teasing me a little because I couldn’t figure out an easy problem but he still helped me nonetheless.

Sigh. Why is he so smart? I’m older than him for Christ sakes!

When class ended we finished over half of the packet while the other students were only working on the third page. I still had trouble understanding but at least I kind of know what to do. I sighed again. Next is History. Walking out of class Kyuhyun stood in front of me. “Don’t forget that were meeting during lunch today.” He said to me with that grin on his face.

I just rolled my eyes and hummed in agreement.

“Bye Minnie~” he said with a wave walking backwards so that he could still face me. I gave him a little wave back while heading to History deep in thought.

Turning around I bumped into somebody. Owwww my head. But I still had to be polite. “I’m sorry!” I said while rubbing my forehead with my eyes closed.

“Oh I…. bump you sorry?” I head someone said in broken Korean. What did he say? When I looked up I saw another student a little taller than me with black short hair. He doesn’t look familiar though. (A/N: Guess who :D)

I looked up at him confused. I can’t really understand him. But when I looked him over again I noticed that he looked and sounded a little different. He has a weird accent too. What is that? Chinese maybe?

“I am uh… Hankyung. Me is new student.” Even though it was meant to be an introduction it sounded more like a question to me. “I exchanged a student.” He said with a concentrated look in his eyes. I had to hold back my laugh. Oh, so he’s a foreign exchanged student.

“I’m Sungmin. Nice to meet you!” I gave him a little smile. He just smiled back. He looks lost. “Where’s your next class?” I asked him slowly because it looked like that he was still a little confused.

“Um, H-history?” he asked me while pointing at his time schedule that he was holding. He handed it to me and I looked it over.

“That’s my next class!” I said. “Come and follow me.” I told him while waving my hand at him after seeing him looking at me with a blank look.


Walking down the hallway we tried talking and I couldn’t help but laugh every time he said something wrong. When we got into class I told the teacher the situation and she said that she would see him after class. I told him to sit next to me so that I could help him with the class work and try to explain the lecture to him.

I found out that he moved to Korea after being accepted into this school and that his parents are actually really poor. So he couldn’t hire a tutor to teach him Korean before coming here. I feel kind of bad. Basically the only Korean he knows is from the small Korean guidebook he bought from the airport.

After class was over I stayed in a little so that I could help with the assignments for tonight.

Then the teacher came up to us and said that she can help him with the assignments. She then asked me “Aren’t you going to eat lunch? It’s pretty late already.”

“Huh?” I looked at the clock on the wall. Lunch started 30 minutes ago! I already told Kyuhyun that I was going to eat with him today. I quickly gathered my stuff and said goodbye to the teacher and Hankyung and rushed outside.

When I finally got to the tree I could see Kyuhyun sitting with the bag on his lap. He didn’t start eating yet? I felt my heart clench. It tightened even more when I saw him looking down with that same look he had when I rejected him at first. He thinks that I ditched him!

I quickly stood in front of him and bowed with my head down not looing at him. “I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention to the time and-“ I tried to continue but he looked up at me in surprise. But as soon as he saw my face he started to smile.

“You’re here!” he said excitedly. “I thought that you wasn’t going to show up.” He said while looking a little sad for a split second.

“I wouldn’t do that!” I quickly responded to him. I feel so guilty! I’m such a jerk.

“Well since you’re here lets eat.” He told me to sit down on the blanket that I didn’t notice before. He brought out containers with sandwiches, fruits, sweets, and even drinks. He handed me a soda and a napkin while making me a sandwich.

“I can make it myself.” I told him softly. He’s so nice to me even though I treat him so bad.

He looked at me and smiled “No, I want to so it.” I blushed at how sweet he was acting towards me. Usually he would just tease me by calling me nicknames but now, he’s treating me like this.

I took a bite of one of the cookies he brought and my eyes widened in surprise. It was delicious! But I know that he can’t cook let alone bake something. “Did you buy this?” I asked while I ate the rest of the cookie.

He handed me my sandwich then adjusted his glasses with a slight blush dusted across he cheeks. “I asked my noona to help me prepare this.” He said slightly embarrassed. I blushed too and I don’t even know why.

We started to eat while talking about our day so far. I told him about bumping into Hankyung after class was over and that was the reason of why I was late.

“We have a foreign exchange student?” he asked with a raised brow.

“Yeah. He can barely speak Korean. You have to hear him.” I said giggling after remembering Hankyung trying to pronounce the names of some of the historical sites in Mokpo.

He just chuckled but then he turned serious. “Sungmin?” he barely calls me Sungmin. It’s always “Minnie” or “Princess”. I’m kind of getting nervous now.

“Yes?” I responded back to him but not looking at him in his eyes. Then I remembered Yesung’s words from earlier ‘His feelings are actually genuine you know.’ Oh no no no no. I don’t know about what I feel yet!

“Please look at me.” He asked quietly. I hesitantly looked up at him and I had to fight the urge to look back down. He had such an intense look in his eyes.


“I think you already know what I’m about to say.” He kept speaking to me in that quite serious tone.

“N-no. I don’t know...” I denied

“Then I’ll tell you right now.” He said seriously. “I know that you always think I’m just playing around with you but I really like you Sungmin. I tease you because I find you adorable and so loving. Even if I make trouble to you, you always seem to care for me.” He said all of this while looking at me straight in my eyes.

I looked down and I could feel my cheeks starting to burn. He’s actually serious about this. I bit my lip. He’s cute and smart but…

Sigh, my family is crazy. The main reason why I don’t want to say yes is because of my family. You see, I don’t even know how to explain this. It’s not that they have a problem with homosexuality but they are…. How do I say this? Very protective.

I have three hyungs, an appa, and umma-teukie. Our real umma left us when were little and that changed us a lot. Appa had to work hard to support four growing boys so he always put Heechul in charge of us. In order from oldest to youngest, it’s: Heechul, Yunho, Eunhyuk, and then me. Kangin is my appa and Leeteuk is his boyfriend but we call him umma anyways. Except Heechul. He just calls him Teukie.

I don’t even want to think about them meeting Kyuhyun. I’m scared of what they would do. Especially Heechul and Appa.

Then an idea came to me. It’s so unoriginal but it will have to do.

“Kyuhyun… I only think of you as a friend.” I said to him. “It’s not that there is something wrong with you but...” I struggled to think of something.

“… Do you have someone that you already like?” he asked me.

I shook my head.

“… Am I not your type?” he asked me again. Yes! That will work.

I nodded my head. “I’m sorry Kyuhyun. I really am.” I said bowing slightly. But then he did something I wasn’t expecting. He chuckled. I quickly snapped my head up at him.

“Can I ask what exactly is your type?” he asked me. Why the heck is he grinning? I just rejected him!

“Yah! Were you joking this whole time?” I yelled back at him. You better not say yes Cho.

“Of course I was serious about that.” He told me. “But I won’t give up that easily.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m going to win your heart Sungmin.” He said with a glint in his eyes. I don’t feel good about this. I blushed even more and gasped when he leaned down with his face so close to mine. “Trust me.”


Hello again everybody! I'm going to get more into detail about Sungmin's family in maybe the next chapter. So what do you think about this chapter? Please tell me and give me advice if you want to.

My Nerdy Boyfriend (Chapter 1)

Title: My Nerdy Boyfriend
Pairing: Kyumin (mainly), Yewook, Eunhae, Hanchul, KangTeuk

Rating: PG-13 (But will be rated in later chapters:)
Summary:“Good morning my princess~” Kyuhyun called out to me with a big grin on his face. I just rolled my eyes “I’m not your princess Cho!” Same thing everyday!

I'm listening to: "Feels Good" by Super Junior :)

[My Nerdy Boyfriend (Chapter 1)]======================================================
“Good morning my princess~” Kyuhyun called out to me with a big grin on his face.
I just rolled my eyes “I’m not your princess Cho!” I replied while trying to walk away from him.

But this just made him grin even more. “Yet.” He said back to me.

Ugh! This is how it is everyday! Okay, let me start from the beginning. My name is Lee Sungmin and I am a senior in high school. The kid who’s following me around is Cho Kyuhyun, a junior that skipped a grade, which actually makes him a senior like me. But he’s still taller than me.



For some reason, ever since we first met. He’s been following (I mean stalking) me. I was a little scared at first but after getting to know him, he’s just a harmless and witty nerd who likes gaming.

Always calling me his princess. Who does he think he is? Even calling me that in front of our friends.

Oh, that’s right. Cho Kyuhyun.

“You have issues Cho.” I said to him walking onto the sidewalk. I always wake up early but he’s somehow always out here waiting for me. Where does he live anyway?

He chuckled in response, rushing to my side while adjusting his glasses. Everyone knows Kyuhyun as the “witty nerd”. Tall but skinny and has messy brown hair. Usually people like him would get bullied but he’s close to one of the most popular and riches boys at the school. Choi Siwon. Nobody would dare touch him because Siwon was also in the student council.

“So how do you think you did on the exams yesterday?” he asked trying to catch up with me. I walked a little slower. Just so he doesn’t whine. Yeah, that’s the reason why.

“Honest answer?” I asked him. He nodded. “I failed the math exam.” I groaned in disappointment. I really dislike math.

He laughed a little. “Yeah, you were complaining about it all day yesterday.”

“How do you know?” I asked.

The grin came back “I was watching you the whole time after taking mine.”

I looked at him with big surprised eyes but then rolled them again after the shock wore off. “I should have known.” I mumbled. We continued walking silently to school. This guy is really confusing. Is he just playing around with me or something? I was so deep in thought that I didn’t hear him calling for me.

“Minnie-ah~ were here.” He said stopping in front of the gate. Then he turned around to face me.

He looked at me with hope in his eyes. I tried to ignore his gaze but it was kind of hard to do when I felt it burning at me. Then he started to whine cutely “Princess~ don’t ignore me.” I would of kept ignoring him if he didn’t star getting louder. Students started to giggle at us. So embarrassing!

I give up. “Yes?”

“Can I walk you to cla-“ he started to ask but I cut him off already knowing what he was about to ask.

“No! The last time I agreed you were late to first period. My class is like on the other side of the school!” I scolded him for being so careless. He might annoy me but his dad is really strict about education. Kyuhyun has to always get good grades. He’s the son of the man who owns the academy after all.

He smiled shyly at me “You’re worried about me?” he asked gently. I flushed because yes I was. Only a little though!

“No! It’s just….” I trailed off hoping that he would just let it slide.

“Really?” Of course he wouldn’t.

“Just walk me to English!” I responded still blushing a little. I quickly walked into the school while Kyuhyun walked beside me.

(In class)

I don’t know why he always insists on walking me here. We see each other in second (math) period anyway.

“Just go out with the boy already.”

I groaned in frustration. “No. For the last time.” I replied to Yesung and Ryeowook.

Yesung just rolled his eyes at me while Wookie looked like he was about to scream in frustration. These are my two best friends.

‘But he’s cute hyung!” Ryeowook tried to convince me.

“No he’s not!” I denied. So what if I find him a little cute? Like I’m ever going to admit that.

“Whatever” he replied back while sighing.

“His feelings are actually genuine you know.” Yesung said quietly.

I just shook my head “He’s not serious hyung.” I replied to him. I don’t know if that statement is true or not.

Like I mentioned earlier. I don’t really know his true feeling. Kyuhyun is known as someone who likes to prank and tease people. What if he’s just teasing me?

Yesung looked like that he was about to say something but then the bell rung and we all had to get started with the lesson. He just sighed and wrapped him arm around Ryeowook’s shoulder.

After saying goodbye to Yesung and Wookie I walked to my next class. When I got in I could already see Kyuhyun sitting near the back of the classroom. I walked to the back and sat in the chair next to him. We still have a lot of time before class starts.

He looked like he was daydreaming of something while looking out at the window. I usually never see him like this. So calm and… serious. If you look at him carefully he could be really handsome. If he wore contacts and got a haircut and maybe a new wardrobe. I chuckled at that thought.

He quickly snapped out of that trance and turned to me. He still looked a little dazed but after realizing whom he was sitting by I could see a grin tugging at him mouth. “How are you my princess~?” he asked me with a teasing glint in his eyes.

I just rolled my eyes again. Of course. “Not your princess Cho.” He just chuckled. We talked about random stuff until he brought up eating lunch together.

“I brought home lunch.” He said while gesturing to the extra bag on his lap. “You want to eat lunch with me?” he asked while smiling instead of smirking at me.

I thought about it for a little and replied “No thanks.” But I regretted it as soon as it came out of my mouth after seeing his smile instantly drop from his face. Replacing it with a sad look.

“Oh.” Is all he said while looking down. Are you kidding me? Don’t look like that! He was about to turn back to his desk until I grabbed his wrist. He looked at me confused but still having that look on his face. I want it off.

“On second thought. How about we do have lunch with each other today.” I replied back to him.

His smile instantly came back to his face and his eyes glowed like before. “Really?”

I smiled back at him “Yeah.” I could feel my heart beating faster. What is this?

“Okay. Want to meet at the tree outside?”

“Sure” I replied back to him.

We both tuned back to listen to the lesson. But then I felt guilty. Am I leading him on? I don’t know about how I feel towards him but I couldn’t just say no to him after seeing that look on his face. I frowned a little. Does he actually have feelings for me?


        Hi! I'm sort of new to LJ so I'm sorry if this is a weird format or something^^I actually already have this posted in my other account on AFF but I am attempting to post it here as well!Hope you enjoy!